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Directory Publishing Services offers a broad array of directory data content management services ranging from data maintenance on
the client's in-house web-based directory system through a complete customized online directory system, providing directory content output in print, mobile or digital formats.

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"We have helped companies save money, improve their online and print directory products and take pressure off their staffs. I can show you how we can improve the profit and efficiency of your directory, too.
Maryl Gorman Leonard, President.


Directory Publishing Services was established in 1994 as an alternative to in-house staff overload. Our only business is directory data management and print production services. With more than 30 years of experience in directory management and production, DPS offers you exceptional online and print directory expertise not available anywhere else.


Directory Publishing Services has consistently provided exceptional directory management services to a wide variety of trade publishing, event management, and association clients. Contact us for client references.

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Directory Publishing Services offers free consultation and evaluation of your existing directory products. Contact us to get started.

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